Fiber Binder

Product outline

  • Using our “polymerization technology” and “compounding technics”, we are able to add “Advanced features” to your fiber materials.
  • Finishing up our products suitable for the customer’s processing conditions(drying temperature, coating speed, foamed or not, equipment, etc.) is possible.

Advanced features

We have polymerized various emulsions with different glass transition temperatures, crosslink densities, particle structures, etc., through our long-established “polymerization technology”. By selecting the most suitable emulsion among them and dispersing and stabilizing organic and inorganic functional materials to the emulsion, the following features can be given to your materials.


Flame retardance  Flame‐resistance Water cut-off
Leveling Water-repellence Water-barrier
Water-barrier Texture control Liquid dripping prevention
Foaming Antislip Adhesiveness
Repeelable Weather resistance Antioxidation
Heat aging resistance    

Suitability for the product process

First of all, please let us know the processing conditions of your company. Then, we will closely examine the conditions(drying temperature, coating speed, foamed or not, equipment, etc.) and propose the best suitable products to add advanced features for your materials.


Product lineup

SBR emulsion for foam FX8100 series
FX8300 series          
Binder for artificial grass CL1300 series
Fiber bider for car interior CL6000 series
CL7000 series
Fiber binder for house interior CL5400 series


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