Focusing our attitude on technological development since the establishment,
we are the innovation specialists for our customers.

Our five advantages are as follows:

Technologies we own

01Polymerization and compound technologies led to the creation of numerous products

The core technologies that have driven the development of our company are polymerization and compound technologies of water-based resins. Based on the expertise of these core technologies, we have created products such as paints, fiber treatment materials, peelable adhesives, pressure-sensitive adhesives, and waterproof materials.
Polymerization technology, one of the core technologies, is based on emulsion polymerization and provides special functions created from various polymer particle designs, such as core-shell structures and hybrid structures of different resins.
The other core is compound technology that creates a synergistic effect by blending the characteristics of each material.
We will never stop to evolve our core technologies and take on the challenge of new technologies so as to contribute to the enrichment of people's lives.

Attitude towards product development

02To be your best partner

Our development process begins with a thorough understanding of our customers. By accurately identifying the needs of our customers, we have created a number of custom grades that lead to the solution of customers’ problems. Our products have been adopted across a wide range of field; therefore, the record of adoption is a testimony of our ability to solve a number of challenges.
To keep continuing to be your best partner, we are always flexible and quick to respond to your needs. We would love to hear about your development challenges.

Quality management

03High quality control capacities for a wide range of products

We have a broad range of experience in quality control of products from automobiles to housing and construction applications. We not only satisfy customer's quality requirements, but also perform stricter quality control and testing items to ensure that each product meets the requirements of our customers. In the meantime, we have acquired ISO 9001 (quality management system) certification and are striving for a stable supply of products and continuous improvement of our production activities.

ISO 9001: 2015 accredited

Environment and safety

04Water-based solvent free materials with environmental and Safety considerations

We meet the needs of our customers and society with "safe" and "environmental- friendly" materials. The advantages of water-based solvent free materials, “low VOC” and “non-hazardousness”, are combined with high performances of our materials to contribute to the improvement of the working environment. In addition, having acquired ISO 14001 (environmental management system) certification, we are proactively working on environmental issues.

ISO 14001: 2015 accredited (Yokkaichi plant)

Production capacity

05High production capacities for diversified products

Our headquarters and plants are located in Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture, which is capable of both marine and railroad transportation to supply our products all over the country and overseas. The plants are composed of polymerization plants and compound plants with a total annual production volume of over 40,000 tons. We have many different scaled polymerization and compound vessels and are capable of handling products of various scales and viscosities. Aggressive capital investment continues every year to promote further diversification and improvement of production capacity.

Emulsion Technology Co., Ltd.