High concentration rubber asphalt emulsion

Product outline

  • What is high-concentration rubber asphalt emulsion? High-concentration rubber asphalt emulsions are modified with latex using the emulsification technology that has been cultivated over many years.A material that gives the flexibility of latex by taking advantage of the water resistance of asphalt.
  • High solids and low viscosity Emulsions generally increase in viscosity as the solids concentration increases.However, the solid content of this product is very high at 83.5%, but the viscosity is as low as about 1000mP • s, and it is excellent in operability.
  • Proven water resistance This product has a proven track record as a waterproof material and is a highly water-resistant material.
  • Reactive curable emulsion A reaction-curing emulsion that hardens by reacting with a curing agent.
  • Application method using spray is also possible Since this product has a low viscosity, it can be applied using a spray. There is also a technology for instantaneous curing.


  • High elongation Because it uses latex with a low glass transition temperature, it exhibits high elongation performance. Because it is a material that stretches well, it has excellent followability to the substrate.
Test items Value
Tensile Performance Tensile strength(N/㎟) 0.40
Growth rate(%) >1900
Tearing Performance Tear strength(N/㎟) 4.80

  • Tensile performance test of high concentration rubber asphalt emulsion

  • Chemical resistance&Weatherability&Water resistant Rubber asphalt emulsion also has the characteristics such as chemical resistance and weather resistance that are the characteristics of asphalt. Water resistance is very good as it has been used as a waterproofing material for buildings.
    Test Items Tensile strength(N/㎟) Growth rate(%)
    Reference 0.4 >1900
    Water 0.42 >1900
    10%-HCl 0.38 >1900
    10%-H2SO4 0.42 >1900
    10%-CH3COOH 0.38 >1900
    10%-HNO3 0.46 >1900
    10%-NaOH 0.38 >1900
    28%-NH3 0.37 >1900
    5%-NaCIO 0.5 >1900
    10%-CaCl2 0.41 >1900
    Cement saturated water 0.42 >1900


  • Sound insulation Sound insulation performance is expected due to the density of asphalt and the elasticity of rubber.。Assuming that it is applied to a tin roof, the sound insulation performance was measured by laminating a tin plate and high-concentration rubber asphalt emulsion. The effect of making it difficult for sound to pass through compared to conventional tin plates was obtained.

  • Sound insulation performance when attached to galvanized iron plate


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