Polymer cement acrylic emulsion

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Product outline

  • What is polymer cement acrylic emulsion?
    This product is modified with special acrylic emulsion to improve water permeability and chemical resistance, which are the disadvantages of conventional mortar.
  • Flexibility not found in mortar
    Due to the effect of the special acrylic emulsion, it forms a film with excellent flexibility not found in conventional mortars.
  • Features of special acrylic emulsion
    The special acrylic emulsion provides excellent chemical resistance. In addition, it has a proven track record as a waterproof material and has excellent water resistance.
  • Easy workability
    The liquid powder set allows easy and accurate blending, and workability with a long pot life is outstanding.
  • Environmentally friendly materials
    Because it is an aqueous material, it is an environmentally friendly product that generates less harmful substances and odors.


  • Membrane performance
    Elongation performance not found in general mortar. Good adhesion to concrete substrate.
    It also has a feature that does not penetrate water.

    Test items N S
    Tensile strength(N/mm2) 1.7 1.8
    Growth rate(%) 128 68
    Zero span tension elongation(mm) standard 3.6 2.4
    After deterioration processing Heat treatment 3.9
    Alkaline treatment 3.6 2.6
    Adhesive strength(N /mm2) standard 1.2 1.6
    Wet base 1 1.3
    After deterioration processing Heat treatment 1.3 1.8
    Alkaline treatment 1.2 1.7
    Inundation treatment 1.2 1.5
    Water permeability 0.1g 0.1g
  • Weatherability
    Even after 2000 hours exposure to the sunshine weather meter, there is little degradation.

    Test items N S
    Standard Tensile strength(N/㎟) 1.2 1.5
    Growth rate(%) 240 110
    After treatment Tensile strength(N/㎟) 1.3 1.6
    Growth rate(%) 230 100

  • Wear resistance
    Excellent performance in wear and slip resistance tests.
    Test items  N S Concrete Resin mortar(P/C=4.5)
    Amount of wear(g) 0.8 1.0 6.9 4.7

    Test items N
    Anti-slip test Dry surface 75
    Wet surface 70
  • Environmental consideration
    It is an environmentally friendly material that emits very little volatile organic compounds that cause indoor air pollution.


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