Room temperature modified asphalt ground adjusting material

Product information

Product outline

  • What is Room temperature modified asphalt ground adjusting material ?
    It can be applied to any thickness from light coating for base adjustment to thick coating for uneven adjustment.
  • Applicable to any thickness
    The main agent and curing agent are a set. Easy to mix and use.
  • Good adhesion
    This is a modified asphalt-type base material.


  • Adhesion with various substrates
    Good adhesion to various water-absorbing substrates (concrete, mortar, etc.).In addition, because it is a modified asphalt base material, it exhibits good adhesion to asphalt base materials.
  • Temporary waterproof performance
    Because it is a modified asphalt-type ground adjusting material used for our waterproofing materials, it has a temporary waterproofing property of about 1 to 2 days when applied over 2.0kg / ㎡.


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