Acrylic adhesive for PP MIGHTYLOCK™ 【MIGHTY Series】

Acrylic adhesive with high adhesive strength suitable for materials such as polypropylene and Teflon.

Product outline

  • Polypropylene, one of the hardly adhesive plastic materials, can be bonded with this adhesive alone.
  • Requiring no special surface treatment helps to reduce working process and improves productivity.
  • Not only polypropylene but also various other materials can be bonded.


  • No special surface treatment required


    Polypropylene (PP) is known as “hardly adhesive plastic” that requires special surface treatment before bonding. MIGHTYLOCK has achieved a strong bond to PP without surface treatments. There is no need to introduce expensive equipment or complicated processes; besides, no harmful gas such as VOC is generated. It is possible to reduce the number of working process and improve productivity.

  • Realization of more free material design

    Not only PP but various other materials such as polycarbonate and vinyl chloride can be adhered strongly. In fact, the adhesive strength is so strong that causes the destruction of the specimen made by the Teflon sheet in our lap shear strength test. Our adhesive enables you to work on your material design goes beyond conventional knowledge.

  • Compatible with cartridge guns

    Using cartridge gun provides a simple bonding workability.

Basic physical properties

Series Acrylic adhesive for PP
Features ・Bondable to polypropylene without surface treatment ・High adhesion to various plastics
Properties of uncured products Product Name Activator Resin
G7010C248-1 G7010C353-2
Viscosity(Pa・s) at25℃ 1.5 10
Specific gravity at25℃ 1 1
Mixing ratio (Parts per weight) 1 10
Mixing ratio (Parts per volume) 1 10
Curing Condition 23℃×24h
Adhesive properties Lap shear strength(MPa)*1 GF-PP:11 SF
T-Peel strength (N/25mm)*2 100
Properties of cured products Elongation at break (%) 8
Young’s modulus (MPa) 320
Tensile strength at break (MPa) 12
Shore-D hardness 52

*1 Failure mode : SF = Substrate Failure   *2 Substrate = ED-Steel


  • Adhesion of automotive interior and exterior parts
  • Bonding of all resin materials such as electric and electronic parts.
  • Substitute for second generation acrylic adhesive (SGA), chlorinated PP adhesive, hot melt adhesive, etc.



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