Urethane-Acrylic hybrid type adhesive【MIGHTY Series】

Novel adhesive that fuses two adhesive technologies (prototype).

Product outline

  • It is a new-type adhesive that fuses our urethane adhesive and acrylic adhesive technologies.
  • It can bond various materials such as polypropylene, which is a hardly adhesive substrate.
  • It is suitable for bonding different materials because it has a flexible resin structure to relax strain.


  • High flexibility and adhesive strength


    It is a new-type adhesive that fuses our urethane adhesive and acrylic adhesive technologies. This adhesive is excellent in both toughness and flexibility and can bond polypropylene(PP) without surface treatment. In addition to PP, various resin materials such as rubber (eg EPDM) can be bonded.

  • Dissimilar materials bonding

    The flexible adhesion of urethane resin relaxes the stress applied to the adhesion area. It is effective for thermal distortion when bonding different materials (eg polypropylene and metal) and shock absorption.

  • Compatible with cartridge gun

    Provides a simple bonding work with a cartridge gun.

Basic physical properties

Series Urethane-Acrylic hybrid type adhesive
Features ・Bondable to polypropylene, EPDM
・Flexibility, high impact resistance
Properties of uncured products Product Name Activator Resin
G7040C286α G7040C289β
Viscosity(Pa・s) at25℃ 9.1 20
Specific gravity at25℃ 1.37 1.04
Mixing ratio (Parts per weight) 1 1.6
Mixing ratio (Parts per volume) 1 2
Curing Condition 23℃×96h
Adhesive properties Lap shear strength(MPa)*1 GF-PP: 11 SF
T-Peel strength (N/25mm)*2 200
Properties of cured products Elongation at break (%) 150
Young’s modulus (MPa) 90
Tensile strength at break (MPa) 11
Shore-D hardness 25

*1 Failure mode : SF = Substrate Failure   *2 Substrate = ED-Steel


  • Adhesion of automotive interior and exterior parts
  • Bonding of all resin materials such as electric and electronic parts.
  • Substitute for second generation acrylic adhesive (SGA), chlorinated PP adhesive, hot melt adhesive, etc.




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